PMsphere is revolutionizing the way companies build and lead their products. Our innovative approach to Product Management enables our customers to bring high value to their users and business.

We are a team of product lovers who are passionate about new technologies and new products, with proven experience in identifying market needs and transforming it into great products.

Our portfolio spreads across almost all industries, including: Web, Mobile, SaaS, Healthcare, Semiconductors, Cyber, Finance, Telco, e-Commerce, Gaming and more. We work with variety of leading companies from small start-ups to large and international companies.

We are always excited to meet new people, experience new products and hear about new challenges.

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Osnat Niv-Assa, אסנת ניב אסא, נשים מנהלות בהייטק

Osnat Niv-Assa


Osnat is a trailblazer of the Product Management community in Israel since 2007 when she has founded PMsphere.
Osnat has been working with dozens of companies: from start-ups to large and international ones, consulting them on product management and how to develop products that truly address market and business needs.
Osnat holds an MBA in Management Information Systems (with honors) and BSc. in Industrial engineering (with honors), both from Tel-Aviv university.

Ruti Melamed Shneorson, רותי מלמד שניאורסון, נשים מנהלות בהייטק

Ruti Melamed Shneorson

VP Products

Ruti is a brilliant manger with an outstanding ability to quickly understand complex problems, and bring immediate value.
As a leading lecturer, Ruti has trained hundreds of satisfied product managers in our various courses.
Ruti is also responsible for complex On-demand product management accounts, such as: ebay: GE, RSA and more.
Ruti hold BSc. in Computer Science (with honors) from Hebrew University, and MSc. From Tel-Aviv University. During army, Ruti served in the IDF elite unit 8200.


 About PMsphere Product Management

PMsphere is leading the product management community in Israel, with more than 5,500 entrepreneurs, executives, and product managers. Our on-going connection to the Israeli hi-tech industry inspires us with a wide perspective on various solutions and implementations of product management.