I usually don't play games on my smartphone.
Feels like a waste of time. If I have some free time, I'd rather do some sports, go to the beach, or read a book.

One exception is Lumosity – a brain training application. It truly makes me feel I’m investing in my brain.One of my favorite game in Lumosity is “Train of Thought”. The goal in this game is to look ahead as much as possible and switch the tracks in advance to ensure that all the trains will follow the path to the correct stations.

Yesterday, a friend watched me as I maneuvered 49 trains across the tracks, and was amazed how am I doing this? My answer was that this is very similar to what I do at work:
Being a product manager.

As product managers, one of our challenges is multi-tasking. Skillful product managers may easily find themselves maneuvering through 49 different tasks at the same time: multiple issues that are in open discussion with engineering, several escalations with customers, list of activities for the upcoming product launch, preparations to the customer roadshow you plan next week, presentation to management – and here you are maneuvering through 49 different tasks.

I’ve seen many product managers crack under such pressure.

The key to being successful in this crazy multi-tasking is understanding that you can’t win it all: you will fail with some of the tasks = some trains won’t reach the correct destination. if you try to excel and make everything perfect – you can do 5, maybe 8 tasks at the same time, not more than that.
But if you understand that not all tasks are equal, and sometimes just-good, is realy good-enough, and sometimes, on some lower priority tasks, mediocrity is inevitable – then you can become this super product manager that achieves so much more.