Too often we hear product managers say they do something, which doesn't make sense,  just because that’s what they are expected by engineering.

This approach bothers me, so I’ve decided to go and ask engineers: what do they expect from product managers?


None of the engineers I’ve interviewed mentioned "participate in every daily standup" or "write user stories according to template" as their key expectations.

Instead, these were the answers I’ve got:

“I expect the product manager to know customers well and understand their needs”

“I would like the product manager to focus on the problems and let engineering come up with solutions”

“A good product manager starts with the business goals, and then defines the products that enables achieving these goals”

“I expect the product manager to define clear product requirements and avoid changes related to miscommunication”

“Good product manager builds a clear roadmap, and communicates it effectively, so everyone understand where we are heading to”

So forget about trying to please this or that person.
Focus on delivering VALUE to your customers, and to the business, focus on being an excellent product manager,

And the rest will follow.