You were promoted and you are now the product manager of two products.

So you have:
2 dev teams to work with ; 2 different sale-cycles ; 2 different go-to-market strategies; and gazillion of problems…

oops, maybe the news are not so good…  

Sooner or later you will find yourself getting confused with all these products inside your head: thinking of one product while being asked on another product, context switching all day, rushing from one fire-drill to the other, and most likely – not being able to lead as you wish.

So here comes our secret recipe: You need some quality time with each product, individually.

This may look like this:

product manager of 2 proucts

pre-scheduling full day for each product, individually

You pre-schedule a full day, each week, for each product.
In this day you can focus on the product’s business goals, strategy, customer needs and development status. You have full attention to answer questions, participate in meetings related to this product, and think long term.
And most importantly, and this is the hard thing to do: you postpone everything related to the second product for tomorrow.

You will be amazed how much you can achieve in 1 day, if you focus on 1 thing, 1 product.

and the rest of the week? you continue the juggling you’re so good at: emails, questions, fire-drills, but you can pin interesting thoughts/ideas to be handled on the product’s quality day.
Clearly there are exceptions, and you may handle urgent issues even if it’s not in the “right” day.

But this approach of having quality-days for individual products, allows you to truly be the product manager: To lead the products as you believe and not just to be reactive to emails and escalations.

What are your challenges/best-practices with juggling between 2+ products?