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We are excited to share that we are expanding the Product management job opportunities for our community.

Are you looking for your next challenge in product management?
Want to hear more about some interesting opportunities?

Some examples of our open positions for Product Managers:

Position type: Full time
Senior product manager position in a fast-growing company.
This position is for one of PMsphere’s customers.

Position type: 80%
This position is for an On-demand product management project, working 4-days a week, allowing you to keep work-life balance.

We give priority to product managers we are familiar with, and that we can provide recommendation of.
If you are a PMsphere customer, or you have participated in one of our product management courses – we will always be glad to assist you with seeking new opportunities.
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Looking for product managers to join your team?
PMsphere’s community is a great place to start your hunt for a brilliant product manager.
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