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19 באפריל, בית הנסן, ירושלים, בשעה 18:30

Itay Levin, Director of Product, Kaymera Technologies

"The 'Weakest Link' – The balance between usability and security in mobile"

Itay Levin





The story of Kaymera (the hottest startup in Israel today), its product and how they manage with the ‘weakest link’. In his talk, Itay will describe the mobile security threats vectors and how to find the balance between usability and security in mobile and mobile security solutions (Secured devices, containers, mobile virtualization, secure apps, BYOD, MDMs).

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15 במאי, משרדי EMC, הרצליה פיתוח, בשעה 17:30

Daniel Cohen,Head of FraudAction BU, RSA

"Hackers gonna hack, breaches gonna breach: The Inevitability of Cybercrime"

Daniel Cohen

Hackers gonna hack; breaches gonna breach” are cyber predictions that you can bet money on (and make a killing!). But why? Why has cybercrime become so inevitable (and the number 1 buzzword and generator of startups?)
The answer is actually quite simple…
In his talk, Daniel will cover the major forces that have affected the cyber landscape including the IT evolution, the challenge of being human, and the continuous advancements made by cyber criminals and their attack tactics.

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