Product Management Meetup Event: June 22, 2016

במפגש הבא שלנו בירושלים אנחנו נארח את עמית מן, VP Prodcut בחברת OrCam.
המפגש יתקיים בבית הנסן, ב-22 ביוני, בשעה 18:00

Amit Man1





About the talk
Amit Man, VP Product at OrCam, will present MyMe, a personal assistant wearable with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.
Creating such a device entails many challenges – both technical (e.g. how can we do sophisticated computer vision on a day-long battery charge), product definition (e.g. how to bring maximum value to consumers with the technology), and marketing (e.g. how to handle privacy issues).
Amit will share some of the challenges OrCam has encountered, and how they have decided to tackle them.

Myme OrCam