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Building product strategy and roadmap is never an easy task.
The bad news: there is no template or magic process that can generate 100% success of your strategy and roadmap.

However there are a few tactics that can tremendously help:

1. Greatest insights comes when you are not busy with day to day activities
If you are busy 110% of your time in daily standups, fire drills and chasing non efficient resources, you won’t be able to think about the long term.
Take a break, go walking, swimming.
Great insights come when you least expect them.
The thoughts start streaming and the good strategies are formed.

2. Know your customers, seek for their needs
Too many times we see managers presenting roadmaps that don’t truly care about the customers, that don’t provide any real value to customers.
Guess what?
When such products eventually launch, customers don’t care about these products either.

3. It is not YOUR strategy
Don’t work alone.
Brainstorm with others.
Get different thoughts and opinions, utilize others experience.
Engage your stakeholders from the start, and you’ll win with a strong execution of your strategy.

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