Following on-going requests from our loyal customers, we have finally accepted the challenge, and we are super excited to introduce the first Customer Success course:

Creating Value with Customer Success (CS407)

When: March 15, 19, 20 (3 days)

Where: Tel-Aviv

What will we talk about:

* Customer Success Roles and Responsibilities
* Delivering VALUE to customers
* Business Relationships with Customers
* Retention, Engagement and Churn
* Customer Journey
* Essentials of SaaS Business
* Successful Onboarding
* and more

Why Customer Success:

More and more companies understand today that building the right product is simply not enough. To succeed you need to gain adoption, engagement, retention, you need to assist customers in on-boarding; to understand their jobs to be done, and work to ensure customers get the maximal VALUE of your product.

This change is clearly seen in the growing number of customer success teams, and customer-oriented roles. However, as much as this role is crucial to business's success, there is no formal education for it.

Hmmm… just like how product management used to be…

Creating Value with Customer Success (CS407)
PMsphere's 3-Days course is aimed to solve this need of professional training for customer success teams.

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