customer success course CS407; אסנת ניב-אסא; רותי שניאורסון

What an amazing experience this was!

After intensive months of research, meetings, reviews, preparations, interviews and analysis, we finally launched the first Customer Success Course.

Now, after the successful completion of this course, and as participants are ready to establish their customer success teams, it's time for us, to capture what we've learned from this journey:

1. Customer Success is a REVENUE center

In SaaS, more than 50% of company's revenue comes from existing customers: retention, renewal and upsell.

Viewing customer success as a revenue center, makes all the difference – It's not just ‘a nice name for customer support’, customer success is strategic function that reports to the CEO, and impacts the future of the business.

2. Obsess over VALUE, customers’ value

When starting with the VALUE: understanding who the customers are, their jobs to be done and what value looks like for them – the rest just follows:

Acquisition, Retention and Growth become natural.

3. Customer Success (CSMs) are the Product Manager's best friends

Too often, product managers focus on features and functions, defining small user stories for dev teams, optimizing wireframes, etc. But this approach does not guarantee good products.

If eventually customers won’t use the product (or feature), either because they don’t see value from it, or because implementation is too complex, it doesn’t matter if the UI looks great.

The answer for “will customers use it” question, lies in the true understanding of the customers: who they are, how they are working today, what are their needs, and what are their jobs to be done.

And the best team that knows all that – is the Customer success team.

The concept of Customer Success represents what we’ve been focusing on throughout our career:

Building products that serve equally both Business Objectives and Customers’ Needs.

Companies are taking their first steps into this new era of Customer Success these days, and we are very excited to have the opportunity of joining this movement in such early stages.

Looking forward to the 2nd customer success course
When: June 6, 11, 14

The customer success course team: Osnat Niv-Assa, Chilik Hochberg, Ruti Melamed-Shneorson

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