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Product Management & Customer Success Meetup – July

מתי: 23 ביולי, 11:00 – 9:00 בבוקר
איפה: Campus TLV, יגאל אלון 98, תל אביב

Customer success is becoming a growing trend, as more and more companies understand that building a product, and acquiring new customers is not enough. The big challenge lies in keeping our customers.
In a recurring revenue business, successful customers are the key element to retention, renewal and growth. But how this is done? And what does it have to do with product management?

In this event Ruti Melamed Shneorson will give a sneak peek to customer success:

* What is Customer Success?

* Why is this becoming a strategic element within successful companies?

* How a customer success approach can increase Retention, Renewal and Growth?

* What can product managers learn from trends in customer success?

* How can product and success team work together to build awesome products?

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