Product Management Course

The art of building successful productsPM503

3 Days course:
January 2, 3, 7

Learn how to build successful products with PMsphere’s innovative approach. Get practical tools for implementing product management techniques within your company.

Targeted to:
Experienced or novice Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, Executives and product lovers

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Course Topics

  • Product Management Discipline
  • New Product Framework
  • Personas, Scenarios, Product Story
  • Product Planning and Prioritization
  • Agile, Lean, Product Owner Role
  • User Stories, Requirements, PRD
  • Voice of Customer
  • Introduction to User Experience
  • Product Roadmap

Our Training Approach

Limited Class size
to allow maximal interactivity.

Hands on sessions
takes learning beyond the theory.

Case studies
from various companies and products.


Osnat Niv-Assa אסנת ניב אסא קורס ניהול מוצרOsnat Niv-Assa
ruti melamed shneorson רותי מלמד שניאורסון קורס ניהול מוצר Ruti Melamed Shneorson
Yoram Rosner יורם רוזנר Yoram Rosner
רן פלג
רן פלג

Product manger, 888

המבנה והאווירה בקורס נהדרים. הרגשה של סדנא ולא של קורס בו רצים אחרי החומר כל הזמן. כמי שמתעסק ביומיום יותר בהיבטים של product owner, הקורס איפשר לי להבין כיצד לקחת אחריות מלאה על המוצר מבחינת דרך וראייה קדימה. בנוסף למדתי תהליכי עבודה שונים ומשודרגים.
כל הכבוד היה מעולה!"

Eitan Biran
Eitan Biran

Director of Product Management, Sungard

I enjoyed the course very much.
To my surprise, being a small team of participants was a real advantage, allowing us to have quality discussions, and to effectively exercise new methodologies.

Daniel Zaturansky
Daniel Zaturansky

Co-founder & COO, 

Osnat worked with us in early stage of PowToon product development. She has helped us to define our product management department's high standards and brought with her many years of experience pushing our product to excellence.
I will continue working with her with the growth of the company and highly recommend her as a consultant and as an excellent person to work with.

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About PMsphere

PMsphere is revolutionizing the way companies build and lead their products.  Our innovative approach to Product Management enables our customers to bring high value to their users and business.

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