Creating Value With Customer Success

Customer Success Course

2 Days Course: Sep 13, 15


The BEST way to learn Customer Success

Learn how to increase retention, expansion, recurring revenue and growth, using Customer Success best practices.


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  1. Customer Success Strategy
  2. CSM Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Successful Onboarding
  4. Retention - make it happen!
  5. Health Metrics, Data and Score
  6. Value to Customers
  7. Customer Journey
  8. Low-touch / High-touch
  9. Expansion and Growth
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Our Training Approach

  • Limited Class Size To allow maximal interactivity

  • Case Studies From various companies and products

  • New Trends Catch-up with the most updated methods and trends

  • Practical Methods That you can implement right away


Managers and team members in Customer Facing Roles, from:
SaaS, Enterprise, B2B, Cyber, Healthcare, Gaming, Fintech and more.


Osnat Niv-Assa אסנת ניב-אסא

Osnat Niv Assa

Chilik Hochberg חיליק הוכברג

Chilik Hochberg

Ruti Shneorson רותי שניאורסון

Ruti Shneorson

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